Dasher Lights - The Last Christmas Lights You Will Ever Buy

Tired of struggling with Holiday lights year after year? Dasher Lights has the perfect solution.

Year after year, people are forced to struggle with the ardous task of trying unwravel tangled Christmas lights and decorations.  Why deal with the aggravation?  It can really add frustration and take the fun out of what is supposed to be a fun and time honored tradition for millions.  We feel that decorating your tree for the holidays should be a stress-free and worry-free experience.

Introducing Dasher Lights - Christmas Lighting Made Simple.

Dasher Lights are the world's first retractable Christmas decorations. Dasher Lights are a combination of both ornaments and lights. We have worked for 2 years to bring you a guaranteed product that is convenient to use, provides for easy storage, and will bring true life and beauty to any size Christmas tree for any home.

Christmas will never be the same again with Dasher Lights. You'll have less time worrying about decorating and more time to spend with your loved ones.